1. Stop the instance
  2. Create a snapshot of the volume
  3. Create a new volume based on that snapshot increasing the size
  4. Take note of the current’s volume mount point (i.e. /dev/sda1)
  5. Detach the current volume
  6. Attach the recently created volume to the instance, and set the exact mount point
  7. Start the instance
  8. Access via SSH the instance and run:fdisk /dev/xvdeand then:
    1. Hit p to show current partitions
    2. Hit d to delete current partitions (if there are more than one, delete all of them one by one) – Data will NOT be lost
    3. Hit n to create a new partition
    4. Hit p to set it as Primary
    5. Hit 1 to set the first cylinder
    6. Set the desired new space or leave it empty to take the whole capacity
    7. Hit a to make it bootable
    8. Hit 1 and then w to write the changes
  9. Reboot the instance
  10. Get access through SSH and run:
    1. resize2fs /dev/xvde1 (to enlarge the filesystem)
    2. df -h (to check the partitions).

That’s all!