Net Digital Signage is the distribution of information, targeted to a certain audience, in a selected location and at a selected time through digital screens, often managed remotely with relevant visual content. This form of dynamic communication can be found in both public and private environments, such as retail stores, hotels, airports, restaurants, hospitals, universities and corporate buildings, among other locations.

The power of digital signage is that you can target specific audiences through just a single display or a worldwide network of displays. You control the distribution and playback of the content on the screens.

Other terms synonym to digital signage is narrowcasting and also digital-out-of-home media (DOOHM).

Standard digital signage is often limited to simple playback of content on digital screens. We can do that, no problem, but we like to take it a few steps further. Just as manufacturers of Smart TVs or Smartphones add clever use to their devices, we give digital signage an extra edge to optimize your digital message.

Net Digital Signage is powered by hardware, cloud services, and software that will design, schedule, distribute, display and manage any message on any screen at the right moment for the right audience. Of course, you can forget about the details and just use our managed services when all your graphic material is processed by our staff to create the best visual campaigns, no matter if displaying just a single screen or thousands of them in multiple locations worldwide.

Our Net Digital Signage offers a wide variety of possibilities ranging from in-store content based on gender and age, temperature driven advertising to a combined wayfinding and queue management solution and much more.

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Our network of programmers, designers, photographer and TV people can work with you to develop digital signage content to captivate customers by either reusing your already branded content or creating something new & special for an event.


Our relationships with hardware and software vendors mean that you can count on getting the best deals to acquire on state-of-the-art equipment and the latest software around. We can also help design custom enclosures to meet your IT, budget, space, state and industry requirements.


We offer digital signage installation services, working with your team to ensure proper installation without voiding warranties. We also offer on-site and remote installation of digital signage systems.


We monitor all services and support our customers, so whether you have a quick question or an advanced technical issue, our tech support team can work with you via phone, email or chat. Most of our work is to prevent issues to let systems run smoothly all the time.

Digital Signage deployed on buses

(Hardware, monitor case and programming designed by us)